Testing Reminder for COLA Families

The State of Ohio is requiring all students to complete state testing.  This includes in-person, as well as, online students.  The state also is requiring online students to take the test “on school campuses in-person”. This communication will layout our state testing plan.

All students will test during the month of April.  All students in grades 3-5 will be tested in English Language Arts and Math.  Fifth-grade students have an additional test in science.  

All students must bring their fully charged Chromebooks to the building each day.  Each day they are present, students will be provided lunch free of charge for testing.  Students are also permitted to pack their own lunch.  We ask parents to make sure children get plenty of rest the night prior to state testing.

There will be some differences in the location and process of testing between COLA students and in-person students.  

Transportation and Schedule Information

COLA students are required to test on campus.  To ensure a safe and healthy environment, all students will be required to wear masks while on campus.  We are also maintaining six-foot social distancing by holding testing in the cafeteria and in empty elementary school classrooms.  

Understanding that transportation could be an issue for families, the District is providing bussing to COLA students on testing days. Students who are bused will have an adjusted school day schedule from 9:50 AM – 1:00 PM.  You also have the option to drop off/pick up your child on testing days.  If your student will be picked up/dropped off they must arrive at the elementary school no later than 9:50 AM and you can pick them up at 1:15 PM after the preschool pickup is complete.  Pickup and drop off will take place on the Buffham Road side of the building.

As mentioned above, lunch will be provided each day.  COLA students will complete one session of testing each day. If a student misses a day, and time permits, a student may makeup their missed test after completing a test on a different day. Upon completion of the testing session, students will be able to work on their assignments associated with their COLA courses with a facilitator until it is time to depart.  

The days of testing are listed below:

  • English Language Arts (GRADES 3-5) 
    • Part 1: April 13th
    • Part 2: April 14th
  • MATH (GRADES 3-5)
    • Part 1: April 20th
    • Part 2: April 21st
    • Part 1: April 27th
    • Part 2: April 28th

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