Valentine’s Day Parties

Cloverleaf Elementary School classrooms will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 12th. In an abundance of caution, to ensure everyone’s safety, we will be instituting some changes for this year. Students will be able to share prepackaged, individually wrapped, store bought candy and food items, but they must be brought to school by Tuesday, February 9th. Additionally, students can bring Valentine’s cards to pass out to classmates, but they must brought in by Tuesday, February 9th as well. Our intention is for these items to sit in the classroom for three days before they are handled by other students. We will not be allowing any outside visitors for the classroom parties this year.

Again, we realize we are acting with an abundance of caution, but we would like all of our students and their families to feel as safe as possible with our Valentine’s Day plans for this year while still allowing parties to occur. Your child’s teacher will give you more specific details in the coming days regarding the exact procedures and plans for your child’s classroom. Thank you in advance for your understanding of these changes.

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