Materials Pick-up for January 5th All Call

Good afternoon,

This is Karen Martin co-principal for Cloverleaf Elementary. The purpose of my call
is to let you know we will be having a pick up for materials on Tuesday, January 5th
from 8 AM to 5 PM. This pick up is for students who are in remote learning. Your
teacher will let you know if you need to pick anything up from the school before
then. Any student who is coming to school on January 6th for their remote learning
does not need to have their materials picked up. We will have the materials for
them at the school. The pickup will be in the cafeteria at the elementary. You can
enter from the main event doors by the cafeteria. Please come in the driveway off
of Friendsville Road. Again, pickup will be Tuesday, January 5th from 8 to 5 for any
child who is in remote learning at home and their teacher tells you they need
more materials. We hope you and your family had a wonderful break and happy
New Year. Take care.

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