Picture Days for In-Person and Online Students

In-Person Students: We are excited for our school picture days. This is a reminder that school pictures for in-person students will be taken on Tuesday, September 29th at Cloverleaf Elementary School. We are changing the Spirit Week day from “Tropical Day” to “Dress your Best Day.” Also, if you child’s kindergarten classroom was planning for “Brown Day,” please plan for “Dress your Best Day” instead. We are sorry for the confusion.

Online Students: We are excited to be able to offer a school picture day for our online students. School pictures for online students will be taken at Cloverleaf Elementary School on Friday, October 9th from 4 pm – 7 pm. More details and a time sign-up will be coming to you soon through another all-call and/or through your teacher/facilitator’s google classroom.

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