PikMyKid Dismissal Update and Request


We want to thank you for your patience and understanding in the dismissal process with the new PikMyKid app. The second day of dismissal went much better than the first day, largely because our cellular service was stable for our devices. We want to continue to improve our dismissal process with the new app, and we are discovering new ways to improve the process daily. One improvement we are making for today is that we are asking you to not announce your arrival until you reach our new sign where the Buffham Road driveway meets the office parking lot. This is a temporary sign that will eventually be replaced with a permanent sign. The reason for this change is that every time a parent clicks announce while waiting in the Buffham Road driveway, it sends their information into our queue in the app, and then the first dispatcher you encounter (Mr. Moody… me) has to scroll through all of the names that have already been announced. If parents wait until they are at the edge of the parking lot to announce their arrival, then there will only be a few names to scroll through and the first dispatcher can assign your car a spot in line much faster. Thank you again for your help and understanding as we continue to improve this process.

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