News for Incoming Kindergartners!

Hi everyone! This message is for incoming kindergarten parents for face to face instruction.

This is a reminder that Kindergarten class lists will be posted tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9th by 4:00 PM. You will find them on the office area windows and the main event door windows.

Also, we have decided to open the school up on Thursday evening, September 10th, for you and your child to find their classroom. I have details below on how this will be done. Please adhere to the guidelines so we can make this safe for all of our families.

Here are the details for Thursday, Sept. 10th:

Each child can have one adult bring them to the building at the following designated times for their teacher:


Mrs. Shaeffer (Red Hall) Room B113

Mrs. Rickard (Orange Hall) Room C104

Mrs. Shannon Smith (Orange Hall) Room C115


Miss Watkins (Red Hall) Room B111

Miss Nicola (Orange Hall) Room C108


Mrs. Romanoff/Mrs. Leonhardt who is subbing for Mrs. Romanoff (Orange Hall) Room C113

Mrs. Sarah Smith (Orange Hall) C106

Items to note: 

  • Please do not come at a different time as we will only be allowing people to enter the building at their designated time to help maintain social distancing. 
  • All visitors must wear a mask while in the building.
  • We will not have teachers here during this time.This is only to help the child find their classroom and we do not want people in the building for a long period of time. 
  • Classrooms will not be accessible but you will be able to look in the classroom. 

This is to make sure we keep the rooms sanitized for our incoming students the next day.

  • There will be items placed on tables outside the classroom for you to take. This will include name tags and pick up numbers. 

Where to enter the building: 

  • If your child is being dropped off and picked up you will park in the parking lot off of Buffham Road and enter through the office doors. You will walk down the main hallway and look for the color hallway of your child’s classroom, (Red or Orange).
  • If your child is riding a bus you will enter from Friendsville Road and park in the bus parking lot and enter in the red or orange hallway where your child’s classroom is located.
  • Please exit out the same doors you came in. 
  • Please try to maintain social distancing at all times. 
  • We will have a staff member in each area to guide you.

If you are unable to attend during this time please know we will help your child find their classroom the next morning. We will have many staff members helping our kindergarteners. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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