Free Breakfast and Lunch for All Student Through December 31st.

As you may have heard, Cloverleaf will be able to provide free breakfasts and lunches for all students through December 31st. We just heard this news through the state on Friday. Carrie Beegle, our Food Services Director will be sending out more information for families of students in our Colts Online Learning Academy regarding how to participate in this program while at home. For our in-person students, this means they can simply eat breakfast and/or lunch each day at school by putting in their order with their homeroom teacher.

However, please note that this news came from the state after the orders were already placed for Tuesday’s breakfast service. We will not have enough breakfast supplies to accommodate our students for Tuesday morning. We will only have enough breakfasts to feed students who forgot to eat breakfast at home or who come to us very hungry. Please plan to feed your children at home on Tuesday and we will be able to accommodate all interested students for breakfast starting Wednesday, September 9th.

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